“Our mid micron cousins are getting wool prices we can only dream about, to hear Kelso Olann will deliver a high fertility, great meat sheep with valuable wool is the best news in a generation.”

James Aitken - Rangitapu, Omakere.

The olann is a high performance, robust hill country sheep, producing finer high value 20-26 micron wool. The emphasis on high value, sought after wool is the real game changer with olann.

The olann is selected on nine traits, including the Wool Quality index giving a superbly balanced meat & wool producing sheep for widespread use throughout New Zealand.

Selection traits

  • Wool. Micron testing and selecting of even, fault free fleeces at 20 - 26 micron.
  • Reproduction. Reliable performance that delivers year on year.
  • Survival. DNA parentage, so ewes can lamb unassisted on the hills.
  • Growth. Olann's dominant trait with industry leading performance.
  • Adult Size. A moderate size ewe for efficiency and robustness.
  • Meat. High yielding carcasses, using the MyoMAX gene.
  • Body Condition. Sheep that maintain condition year round in challenging environments.
  • Hogget Reproduction. Selecting early maturing females for hogget lambing.
  • WormFEC. Testing and selecting for their resistance to parasites.


To discuss your options to begin using our olann genetics, please contact Matt Holden directly.
Phone 027 437 1550 or email matt@kelso.co.nz

From Our Farmers

"It’s about delivering what the market wants. Olann is on a track that can deliver that, whereas at the moment we’re just delivering the same old same old that no-one particularly wants."

Stu McKenzie - Te Rangi, Masterton.



Matt Holden
027 437 1550

Olivia Ellis
027 515 5102

Hamish Bibby
027 777 6619


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