"Getting good robust lambs with a high percentage
away at weaning is our main priority."

James Hurley - Siberia Station, Hunterville.

The right genetics for your farming system

Bred to outperform

The Kelso Family


High Performance Maternal.

An efficient high performance hill country sheep with a strong conformation and the ability to maintain body condition and perform at a high level.


Facial Eczema Tolerance.

A ram selected for tolerance to Facial Eczema without giving up other hard-earned high performance characteristics of the Kelso breed.


Finer Wool Maternal.

A robust hill country ram bred to produce 20-26 micron wool that is sought after for use as a higher value functional fibre.


High Growth Terminal.

A high performance early maturing terminal selected for survivability and faster growth rates from early maturing lambs.


Meat Quality Terminal.

A high performance early maturing terminal ram selected with Meat Quality as a priority trait, along with survivability and growth rate.


Ewe Hogget Terminal.

A high performance early maturing dark faced ram hogget, ideal for ewe hogget mating.

From Our Farmers

“We’ve lifted our lambing percentage by 20% along with a 20% increase in weaning weight, they grow flat out.”

Sam Duncan - Otairi Station, Hunterville.



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