"We’ve brought in some FE tolerance
without giving up any fertility or most importantly
 growth rate – that’s the killer trait for us."

Sam Duncan - Otairi Station, Hunterville.

FE Gold rams now an option. Selection for FE tolerance is a key trait for kelso.X rams without giving up the hard-earned high performance characteristics of the Kelso breed.

Selection traits

  • Facial Eczema. Sired by FE Gold and top 20% rams for FE across all FE recorded flocks.
  • Reproduction. Reliable performance that delivers year on year.
  • Survival. DNA parentage, so ewes can lamb unassisted on the hills.
  • Growth. Kelso's dominant trait with industry leading performance.
  • Adult Size. A moderate size ewe for efficiency and robustness.
  • Meat. High yielding carcasses, using the MyoMAX gene.
  • Wool. Weighing and selecting even fault free fleeces for once a year shearing.
  • Body Condition. Sheep that maintain condition year round in challenging environments.
  • Hogget Reproduction. Selecting early maturing females for hogget lambing.
  • WormFEC. Testing and selecting for their resistance to parasites.
  • Dag Score. Using the 6-point scoring scale ranging from 0 to 5.


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From Our Farmers

“Retaining the high production traits, especially growth rate and incorporating a good level of FE tolerance was our priority. The kelso.X is the ram that ticks all those boxes for us, we are excited about the future with this type of sheep.”

Gus Spence - Stockerau, Whakatane.



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