"Their overall rate of genetic gain is well above the industry average - the combined NZ Terminal Worth and Meat Quality index average for the 2019 born progeny is close to $19.00 per lamb.”

John McEwan - AgResearch, Invermay.

The prime.Q is a high performance early maturing terminal with Meat Quality as a priority trait through selection for IMF/Marbling and Tenderness. All prime.Q rams sold will have a Meat Quality Index of 200 or greater, putting them in the top 20% of their cohort for Meat Quality.

Selection traits

  • Meat Quality. Delivered through Progeny Testing and Genomics.
  • Survival. DNA parentage, so ewes can lamb unassisted on the hills.
  • Growth. Proven and at the top end of the Industry - guaranteed growth.
  • Early Maturity. Selection for early maturing, well-conditioned, fast growing lambs.
  • Meat. High yielding carcasses, using CT scanning and the MyoMAX gene.


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From Our Farmers

“The early maturity enables us to process young lambs at 70-75 days of age at 18kg with a 48.5% yield. We concentrate on providing the best feed platform and the lambs do the rest - it's that simple.”

Tim O’Neill - Annbank, Turakina.



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