Rams bred for Real Farms

A key part of our operation is the way we farm our ewe flocks. We’ve always believed in farming Kelso Maternal and Terminal ewes in truly commercial sheep farming conditions.

At 400 metres above sea level, Hamish Bibby’s Central Hawkes Bay farm Lunesdale at Onga Onga is an ideal home for our fully recorded Kelso Maternal and Kelso Terminal flocks, with over 3000 recorded ewes and 1200 ewe hoggets.

When it comes to genetics, scale makes a difference. For Kelso it means we can deliver more rapid genetic improvements and more consistent lines of rams for clients.

Selecting your rams 

We’ve been doing what we do for many years now, so it’s always a pleasure to host new clients who comment on how much they enjoyed their personalised “ram buying experience” during our ram selling weeks.

Our approach is simple. Farmers are invited to come along at an individual time to enjoy some of our hospitality and look over rams that Matt and Hamish have pre-selected according to their needs.

You can select your rams either at The Ridges (Rangitikei) or Lunesdale (Hawke’s Bay). We will work with you to make sure your rams are at the most convenient selling centre for you. 

Genetic gains through innovative technology

Our breeding strategy is built on maximising the rate of genetic gain for the traits that contribute most to their profitability, based on a stable, recorded base, which we upgrade and modify as farmer needs change.

To achieve that we need to be working with the best geneticists in the business. We work closely with the team at AbacusBio, using their ANI-MATE software system to improve our genetic diversity, reduce the risk of inbreeding and maintain ewe productivity.

Other key tools that we use to help achieve genetic gain are:

  • DNA Parentage - Shepherd Plus
  • Gene Marker testing (SNP – Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)
  • Electronic ear tags – Zee Tags RFID
  • Prattley Auto Drafters for accuracy.


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