Farmers who use our Kelso genetics are a bit like us.

They're constantly thinking and innovating to improve their operations.

Don’t just take our word for it, see and hear it for yourself by watching the clips below:

  • Hugh Lilburn

    "The sheep seem to have a superior mothering ability and survivability in a tough environment."

  • James Aitken

    "The great strength of Kelso sheep is that they’re dynamic."


  • Nigel Barnett

    "The thing I really like is that Matt and the Kelso team never sit back and say they’ve got it right."

  • Guy Melville

    “Our lambs are already killing at an average of 48% and we’ve done some over 50%.“

  • Shane Hurley

    "With Kelso we have 150% in our sights and we can budget on lambs of 20kg on the hook."

  • Phil Cregoe

    “In 2012 we scanned 176% and docked 157% in the mixed age ewes. There were lambs everywhere moving with plenty of vigour”.

  • William Beetham

    “We are using Kelso because we have a strong focus on growth rate, while trying to maintain our fertility.”

  • Phil Barnett

    “They (Kelso Terminals) give us the capability to get a good pick off mum straight away.”

  • Garry Brady

    “Within two years we were picking 70% off their mothers at Christmas time at 19.2kg cwt.”

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