"The opportunity to farm a sheep that kicks all the goals is a no brainer. Fertility, high growth rates and early maturing lambs, then throw in some finer wool. The kelso.F is heading in the right direction, it’s dollars in our pocket."

Dirk Waldin - Awapapa, Maraetotara.

The kelso.F is a high performance, robust hill country sheep, with a strong conformation and the ability to maintain body condition and perform at a high level. Producing 28-32 micron wool that is the first step in lifting fleece value.

Selection traits

  • Wool. Micron testing and selecting of even, fault free fleeces at 28-32 micron.
  • Reproduction. Reliable performance that delivers year on year.
  • Survival. DNA parentage, so ewes can lamb unassisted on the hills.
  • Growth. Kelso’s dominant trait with industry leading performance.
  • Adult Size. A moderate size ewe for efficiency and robustness.
  • Meat. High yielding carcasses, using the MyoMAX gene.
  • Body Condition. Sheep that maintain condition year round in challenging environments.
  • Hogget Reproduction. Selecting early maturing females for hogget lambing.
  • WormFEC. Testing and selecting for their resistance to parasites.


From Our Farmers

“The Kelso team do all the listening, thinking and innovating, meaning I can turn up and pick the type of ram that suits me - it’s that simple. Their communication and the support we receive from them is second to none, they really back their product and clients.”

Dirk Waldin - Awapapa, Maraetotara.



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