The Kelso Maternal is a dynamic breed for farmers who seek ongoing performance gains from the carefully planned diversification of the genes of their maternal flock. Diversity and dynamic change are hallmarks of Kelso and result in high survival rates, higher lambing percentages with leading growth rates and meat yields.

The key traits that we select for in our Maternal rams are:

  • Fertility - including hogget reproduction
  • Survival - lamb vigour
  • Lamb Growth – birth to weaning, weaning to slaughter
  • Meat - yield (kg meat per kg carcase weight)
  • Adult Size – ewe efficiency
  • Body Condition Score
  • Wool 
  • Worm FEC
  • Facial Eczema 

Facial Eczema Tolerance

Kelso's goal is to provide the sheep industry with rams that have a known level of facial eczema tolerance while retaining the other key attributes listed above. 

The Kelso Advantage

Analysis shows that an average Kelso 2744 ram will produce an additional profit of $8.69 per ewe lambing per year compared to the industry average.



Kelso Maternal Rams

There are four Kelso Maternal Ram options, based on their SIL KMW Index (Kelso Maternal Worth):

KMW Index $
3000+ 1700
2000+ 1500
1500+ 1300
1000+ 1100



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