Matt Holden

Sales & Marketing Manager

Matt has been the driving force behind Kelso’s genetic programme. He bought his first Kelso ram in 1996, then became a breeding partner in 2004 and formed a joint venture with the Marshall family in 2008. Today he is a joint owner in the business with the Marshall and Bibby families. Working alongside Hamish Bibby to take Kelso into the next decade.

Matt was actively farming at Beechwood Hills from 1992 until 2010 when he took over the ram genetics side of the Kelso business. Prior to that he worked on large scale sheep stations in the North and South Islands and also has experience in large scale sheep breeding and farming in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Today you’re most likely to find Matt talking passionately about genetics with AbacusBio, Beef & Lamb NZ Genetics, AgResearch, or Zoetis Genetics or travelling the countryside talking to clients and farmers.

“I have the best job working with the top end of sheep genetics and great sheep farmers - I get a real kick out of making a positive difference to their business.”

“To have Hamish actively involved in the business is going to great, nothing like the injection of more experience and vigour. The Kelso team has just doubled in size.”

Please contact Matt about your ram requirements or to discuss Kelso’s genetic programme.


P: 027 437 1550


Hamish Bibby

General Manager

Hamish first worked with Kelso sheep as stock manager for one of the early Kelso franchise blocks owned by Darcy and Pam Hamilton in Gisborne, in the 1990’s. During that time he convinced his father Derek to start a Kelso breeding programme back on Lunesdale, the Hawkes Bay family farm. When his father sadly died suddenly, Hamish and Kelly headed back to manage Lunesdale alongside Hamish’s mother Lyn.

In 2010 Kelso approached Hamish and Kelly with the opportunity to be a breeding partner for Kelso’s elite maternal and terminal ewes. The Bibby’s jumped at the opportunity and have cemented a reputation as outstanding sheep breeders with a rare attention to detail. Many visitors are amazed at the efficiency of the Lunesdale operation, with how easy the sheep are to handle and the fact that no dogs are required in the yards.

Today the entire Kelso flock is based at Lunesdale and Hamish is responsible for the Kelso Genetics breeding programme.


P: 027 777 6619


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